The Dream Catcher


Dreams have fascinated people for thousands of years, yet their purpose still remains a mystery.

‘The Dream Catcher’ is a Virtual Reality experience where I guide the user along one of my weirdest dreams, where everything can happen.

Some people might have a chance to walk around, explore some of the world I created, feel empowered, then out of the sudden lose the ability to walk or see, be transferred from one scene to another or simply wake up.

The goal of this project is to show the diversity of our dreams. I want everyone to explore how many emotions we can experience during a really short period of time, how easily we can lose control, and then gain back control over what’s happening when we’re sleeping.

The Dream Catcher consists of 7 very different scenes. Some of them look similar to what we can observe during our day to day life, some of them might feel a little bit fantastic, some take places in medieval era, and the others recall a science fiction movie.

The project is meant to mesmerize, shock, irritate, scare, and surprise.